Balda - Busch

  • Le Monobloc

    Boucher / Liebe / Jeanneret & Cie. (Paris - France)

    Stereo camera for 6 x 13 plates
    Metal body, partially covered with leather
    Berthiot Flor series f4.5 / 85 mm lenses.
    Pneumatic shutter
    Here with 120 rollfilm back

    Produced: c.1912 - 25

    Caméra Stéréo pour plaques 6 x 13
    Boitier métallique, recouvert partiellement de cuir
    Objectifs Berthiot Flor series f4.5 / 85 mm.
    Obturateur pneumatique.
    Cet exemplaire est équipé d'un dos rollfilm 120

    Produit: c.1912 - 25



  • Balda Pierette

    Balda Werk - Dresden - Germany

    Unusual strut folding type camera for 6.5 x 4 cm pictures on 127 rollfilm.
    Self-erecting and strut-supported front through double barn doors.
    Videnar 1:4.5 f=7.5cm lens
    1/25 - 1/100 + B & T Vario shutter

    Date: 1932

    Appareil pliant à ciseaux de conception inhabituelle pour photos 6.5 x 4 cm sur film en rouleau 127.
    Bloc optique à mise en place automatique et supporté pas des ciseaux à travers une double porte.
    Objectif Videnar 1:4.5 f=7.5cm
    Obturateur Vario 1/25 - 1/100 + B & T

    Date: 1932


  • Bilora Bella 44

    Bilora (Kuerbi & Niggeloh) - Germany

    Cast metal camera for 4x4 pictures on 127 rollfilm.
    Achromat 1:8 lens
    1/25 - 1/100 guillotine shutter
    Flash sync.
    Date: 1958
    Caméra en métal moulé pour images 4x4 sur rollfilm 127.
    Objectif achromat 1:8
    Obturateur à guillotine 1/25 - 1/100
    Synchro flash
    Date: 1958


  • Berning - Luftwaffe Robot

    Otto Berning & C° - Düsseldorf - Germany

    Motorized camera for 18x24mm pictures on 135 rollfilm in special robot cartridges.
    Straight and right-angle finders.
    Double spring wound motor allowing 8-10 pictures on one winding.
    Carl Zeiss Biotar 40mm f:2 lens
    "Luftwaffe eigentum" embossed at the back of the top cover

    Dates: 1940 - 1945

    Appareil motorisé pour photos 24x24mm sur film 135 dans des cassettes spéciales robot.
    Viseurs directs et à angle.
    Moteur à ressort double permettant de prendre 8-10 photos avec une seule remontée.
    Objectif Carl Zeiss Biotar 40mm f:2
    "Luftwaffe eigentum" embouti à l'arrière du capot supérieur

    Dates: 1940 - 1945






  • Boumsell - Longchamp

    Boumsell - France

    Cheap bakelite camera for exposures on 127 rollfilm
    Meniscus lens
    Single speed + T guillotine shutter
    Reflex finder
    Dates: c. 1940
    Appareil simple en bakélite pour prises de vue sue film 127
    Objectif ménisque
    Obturateur à guillotine 1 seule vitesse + Pose
    Viseur reflex
    Dates: c. 1940


  • Bertram Reporter Camera

    Bertram (Ernst & Wilhelm Bertram - Munich - Germany)

    Reporter type camera for 6 x 9 cm pictures.
    Tilt & swivel back; coupled rangefinder; parallax compensation.
    Unusual design for a reporter camera, with no bed.
    Bayonet mounted Schneider Xenar 3.5/105mm lens.
    Synchro-Compur 1-400 ,B ,T shutter
    Produced: 1954 - 56

    Caméra type reporter pour photos 6 x 9 cm.
    Dos a décentrement et bascule, télémètre couplé, compensation de la parallaxe.
    Formes inhabituelles pour une chambre reporter de l'époque, sans abattant.
    Objectif Schneider Xenar 3.5/105mm monté sur baïonette.
    Obturateur Synchro-Compur 1-400 ,B ,T
    Produit: 1954 - 56



    Well known for their light meters, the Bertram company ventured itself in the camera business and took patent on a reporter type camera (patent n� 696531 - 27 nov. 1952. The camera was presented  at the Photokina 1954.
    They succeeded in  combining the best features of the 35mm camera and the mid-size format. It was essentially a 6x9 camera with coupled rangefinder, independent optical viewfinder and interchangeable lenses.
    The automatic  coupling device between the rangefinder and the lenses was very accurate, thanks to the 80mm finder base, but this was only one of the many technical improvements on the wish list of many pro's and amateurs and fulfilled by this camera.
    Changing the lens triggered three other functions: the optical finder was adapted to the focal length of the lens, the visible image in the viewfinder corresponded exactly to that on the mat glass and  the parallax correction was equally operational on the optical finder and the optional sports finder.
    The tilting and swivelling back offered drop-line correction for architectural photography and depth of field improvement, just like a technical camera.
    Combined with the wide-angle lens, the front and back extension bellows permitted 1:1 format pictures.
    About 2000 cameras were produced.
    An outstanding camera for it's time, but the production period was unfortunately shortened by the high price: a camera with a standard objective sold for 1172 DM in 1954!


  • Beck - Frena

    Beck (R & J Beck ltd. - London - England)

    Detective style box camera for special sheetfilms 2"5/8 x 3"1/2 pictures.
    Leather covered wooden body.
    Beck achromatic 4" f11 lens
    Rotating shutter 1/5 -80
    Produced: c. 1897
    Caméra détective box pour plan-films spéciaux 2"5/8 x 3"1/2.
    Boitier en bois recouvert de cuir.
    Objectif Beck achromatic 4" f11
    Obturateur rotatif 1/5 -80
    Produit: c. 1897



  • Berning - Robot II

    Berning (Otto Berning & Co. - Düsseldorf - Germany)

    For 24 x 24mm exp. on 135 film in special Robot cassettes.
    Rotary shutter 2 - 500,B
    Double spring motor
    Right angle viewer
    Zeiss Tessar f2.8 / 37,5mm lens
    Produced: 1939 - 50
    Pour photos 24 x 24mm sur film 135 dans des cassettes spéciales Robot.
    Obturateur rotatif 2 - 500,B
    Moteur à ressort double
    Viseur d'angle
    Objectif Zeiss Tessar f2.8 / 37,5mm
    Produit: 1939 - 50


  • Busch - Field camera

    Busch (Emil Busch - Ratenow - Germany)

    Fine wood body camera for 8x10cm  pictures on plates.
    Tilting back - rack & pignon focusing.
    Busch OMNAR anastigmat f7.7 190mm lens.
    Produced: c.1900 - 192X ?
    Chambre en bois pour plaques 8x10cm.
    Bos à bascule - mise au point par pignon et crémaillère.
    Objectif Busch OMNAR anastigmat f7.7 190mm.
    Produtt: c.1900 - 192X ?