Carte de Visite & Cabinet

  • Disderi - Carte de Visite

    Disderi (°1819 -+1889)

    • Portrait of a lady (Comtesse Gaston de Buisseret ?)
    • An early example of carte de visite pictures.
    • The photo was simply glued on a cardboard paper the size of a normal "carte de visite", while the photographer put his name and address on the back.
    • Disderi is considered the first photographer who popularized this type of picture, but the name and description was published in the magazine "La Lumière" by La Gavinie as early as 1857
    • Date: c.1858 - 1880.



  • Severeyns - Carte de visite

    Severeyns (Birth & death unknown)

    Liège - Rue de l'Université, 32

    • Active as a photographer: 1873 - 1883
    • Founder member of the ABP (Association Photographique Belge) - 1874
    • Carte de Visite
    • Portrait of boy playing a guitar.
    • This c.v. was - as many others - not exactly a portrait, but a "mise en scène" for commercial purposes. The picture is  marked "Reproduction".
    • I think we can be glad that only the picture and not the sound has survived until our days, according the pose!